Hyground approaches print advisory differently: we will build you a business-led strategy that will reduce the amount you print. This has cost and environmental benefits and differentiates us from vendors intent on placing devices and encouraging volume. To this end, we focus on management reporting that delivers actionable information and foster innovation in both process and technology to deliver productivity.



Hyground applies a cyclic methodology to our consultancy. To begin, we get under the skin of your business and service.

  • We build an understanding of what your business requires from its printing service by engaging with key stakeholders and reviewing current output and processes.
  • We quantify your current cost base, including people, assets, leases, print volumes and outsourced and/or in-house print.
  • We undertake process reviews, and produce descriptions of your current internal and external workflows.
  • Through a comprehensive review of current contracts and invoices, we:
    • Ensure the contract is reflected in your service levels and billing
    • Establish your legal contracted position
    • Identify any irregularities in billing
  • We benchmark your costs against similar organisations and current best market pricing.
  • Where billing irregularities are discovered, we conduct a forensic audit to reconcile invoiced usage to actual usage and contractual obligations, with the results forming the basis for a claim or credit against your supplier.
  • We analyse and compare your suppliers’ SLA performance against best industry practice.
  • We summarise and present your “As Is” position, focusing on recommendations that enable decision-making.


Once all data has been gathered and analysed, focus can shift to defining a print strategy that supports how your business operates.

  • We develop a print strategy that aligns to your business goals using the information from discovery.
  • We then architect a print service solution that is vendor agnostic and is guided by your print strategy and requirements.
  • The service solution is designed to integrate processes across all areas of print and with related business areas including marketing, design, document management and warehousing. It will integrate with your current Service Delivery and Service Management processes.
  • Our solution covers people, process, and technology. We look at the whole of market to select technology, whether software or hardware, to best meet the requirements of the service.
  • Should staffing be part of the solution, we advise on people development and training, workflow and out- or insourcing.
  • We undertake pre-negotiation with vendors for indicative pricing, construct ‘to be’ cost modelling and assist in developing a business case for change.


Our highly experienced and dedicated team can reduce risk, minimise the impact of change and allow your internal programme management to focus on your core business projects.

  • We run the procurement process and guide the evaluation and selection of new Print providers.
  • Once providers have been selected, we negotiate clear, balanced contracts and commercial terms, establishing control process, key performance indicators and reporting requirements covering operational and financial aspects.
  • We control implementation using a blend of Prince 2 and PMP project management processes and governance, including regular status meets, project plans and risk and issue management.
  • On-site presence for the installation of new devices, whether in Print Rooms or Office fleets, is key to managing both vendors and engagement with internal stakeholders.
  • Should the solution include staffing, we embed best practice processes and procedures into the running of your print room or reprographics department.


Businesses must be flexible and embrace change to retain competitive advantage. Hyground Service Integration and Management services can keep your print attuned to your business and deliver ongoing economy.

  • We integrate best of breed vendors across your fleet, reprographics and outsourced print to optimise your service and spend. Our offer ranges from light touch integration through to a fully managed service where we remove all operational and management complexity for you.
  • We continuously review your print service and manage the changes necessary to ensure it adapts to meet the requirements of your evolving business.
  • We underwrite our ability to optimise your service and to achieve savings, we typically:
    • Benchmark suppliers and re-negotiate where necessary
    • Innovate across processes and technology
    • Actively seek to reduce your printed volume and manage waste