Additive Manufacturing (often referred to as rapid prototyping or 3D printing) describes accelerated manufacturing processes of three-dimensional objects such as prototypes and low-volume production, models or other end products.
Based on computer-generated data models successive layers of various materials such as polyamide or ceramic powders, metal alloys and filaments are laid down under computer control.
Methods employed are among others stereolithography (SLA), selective laser sintering (SLS) and fused deposition modeling (FDM). Industries profiting from the rapidly developing technology include but are not restricted to the automotive, aerospace and medical sectors as well as educational institutions and the arts.

Our Services
We answer your critical questions about Additive Manufacturing (AM):
1. Strategy:
What is our market and how can we develop it?
How do we position ourselves with a unique offering?

2. Market Research:
What value do we add for our clients through AM?
How does the market develop and how do we market our products?

3. Products:
Which of our products can be improved by using AM?
Can we shift part of our current production to AM?

4. Economy:
What investment is necessary and what is our business model?
Equipment purchase or contract manufacturing – it is sensible to invest in AM equipment (now)?

5. Networking:
Who can assist with services, equipment and implementation?
How do we optimize our approach through independent consultation?

Consultation and Project Management
With our broad network of research and technology partnerships, industry and client expertise, we offer unique expert technical, strategic and commercial consultations, introductory and bespoke advisory services.
We analyse existing applications and provide support in the development and implementation of Additive Manufacturing strategies and solutions.

Gain personalised insight into production processes and receive pertinent information and step-by-step guidance about how to optimize implementation of Additive Manufacturing for your business application.
The value of our input results from the unique synergy effect of strategic and economic considerations paired with fathoming the technical do-ability and cost factors of your project.