With over 15 years of experience in print supply chain management Hyground Consulting are experts in:

  • Print Contract Renegotiation
  • Vendor Management
  • Print Software License Transfer
  • Logistics

When it comes to your office print infrastructure relocation Hyground has all the expertise you require.

Inevitably, Brexit has had an impact on both existing and future supply chain contracts. This means a potentially huge exercise to review existing agreements to understand how Brexit might affect their viability and whether it is possible to change or break them early.

The number of supply chain managers looking to localise their respective supply chains because of Brexit, according to the latest survey from the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS), shows 63% of EU businesses expect to move their supply chains out of the UK.

Be prepared to change business practices, review core operating models, switch suppliers, renegotiate contracts or move parts of your supply chain activities into new territories.

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    3D Printing/ Additive Manufacturing

    Additive Manufacturing (often referred to as rapid prototyping or 3D printing) describes accelerated manufacturing processes of three-dimensional objects such as prototypes and low-volume production, models or other end products.
    Based on computer-generated data models successive layers of various materials such as polyamide or ceramic powders, metal alloys and filaments are laid down under computer control.
    Methods employed are among others stereolithography (SLA), selective laser sintering (SLS) and fused deposition modeling (FDM). Industries profiting from the rapidly developing technology include but are not restricted to the automotive, aerospace and medical sectors as well as educational institutions and the arts.

    Our Services
    We answer your critical questions about Additive Manufacturing (AM):
    1. Strategy:
    What is our market and how can we develop it?
    How do we position ourselves with a unique offering?

    2. Market Research:
    What value do we add for our clients through AM?
    How does the market develop and how do we market our products?

    3. Products:
    Which of our products can be improved by using AM?
    Can we shift part of our current production to AM?

    4. Economy:
    What investment is necessary and what is our business model?
    Equipment purchase or contract manufacturing – it is sensible to invest in AM equipment (now)?

    5. Networking:
    Who can assist with services, equipment and implementation?
    How do we optimize our approach through independent consultation?

    Consultation and Project Management
    With our broad network of research and technology partnerships, industry and client expertise, we offer unique expert technical, strategic and commercial consultations, introductory and bespoke advisory services.
    We analyse existing applications and provide support in the development and implementation of Additive Manufacturing strategies and solutions.

    Gain personalised insight into production processes and receive pertinent information and step-by-step guidance about how to optimize implementation of Additive Manufacturing for your business application.
    The value of our input results from the unique synergy effect of strategic and economic considerations paired with fathoming the technical do-ability and cost factors of your project.

    Focus on the Legal Sector

    Hyground Consulting has embarked on a number of new projects with high profile law firms, adding to our experience in the legal sector.

    The projects involve both in-house reprographics and managed fleet services and involve multiple service, hardware and software vendors. We are helping our clients to build and implement strategies that address the many unique challenges facing print services in the sector.

    If you are responsible for print at your firm, we would welcome to opportunity to have a conversation about the very latest best practices from across the sector.

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    Need a Health Check on your Print Services?

    Hyground offers a rapid Health Check at no charge: whether you are a small business looking to minimise costs or improve the quality of your marketing material; or a multi-national considering a global integrated print service.

    If we believe we can help you to improve your services or reduce your costs, we will outline why, give you indicative savings, and build a proposal for you.

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